Thursday, August 26, 2010

i never thought things will become like this.

from where i should start?
life become more stable
but there is one miss thing here
at first
i thought there is no full stop
when it becomes a friendship
it just a thought
and time goes by
without any reasons
you erase me
whats wrong with me?
what are my mistakes?
i asked u
why this friendship
become worst day by day
i never expect
we didnt talk to each other anymore
laughing together
having some sweet time together
u still remember?
on your birthday.
i'm the one who excited to celebrate it
with surprise birthday celebration
i really hope u'll stick with me forever
and now?
i'm so sad
where r u?
i missed the moments
where i can say hye to you
smile at you
share stories with u
but now
we are far away from each other
is it sad when the situation become like this
i cant think anymore
no words can show what my feeling right now
i hope u'll think about it
i never leave u
so please
when u said i'm sorry
i wants u to prove it
when u sent smile to me
i want it in real life
thanks for being my friend
thanks for everything!


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