Saturday, August 14, 2010

fara,selamat hari lahir sayang!

selamat hari jadi
selamat hari jadi
selamat hari jadi fara
selamat hari jadi
14 ogos dtg lagi
kali ni
bertukar lah angka umur
sedih ke
sikit r
after this will turn to 20
20 years old
mcm dh besar je
dah 19 tahun kan
please be a better person k
be good to every1
never dissapointed ibu dgn ayah
be a good sister for your adik2
be a good friends for your buddies
be a strong girl the most important one
dearest bloggers
please prays the best for me yurp
sorry for everything
and thanks a lot

hopely today will be the best day for me..:))

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