Sunday, December 27, 2009

sukanya bila dia ceria...

hye bloggers
hurm..dari kelmarin mulut terus mengukir senyuman..gembirakah?yup..saya gembira..gembira tak terhingga..hahahaha..i have checked my room for next sem..alhamdulilah..stay at the same wings but different really hope that they will not removed me to the back..hhahah..i love 2 people in 1 space..hahahah..for my first roomate..kak yin..i'm sad bcoz we're not in the same room again..but dun worry sis..i'm not too far from u..hahaha..a few of wingsmates have to stay at the back..maybe the kolej got reasons for this thing..and i started imagine to decorate my next room..aha..this second sem...i'll arrange all the things nicely..compared than before...little bit clumsy..and 1 more thing..who's my next roomate?..i hope we can cope me and kak yin..a lot of sweet memories..hahahaha..with little tuti..rock my every single day..miss to do everything together..ok..till then..i'll write more and more..hehehe..dada..

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