Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Outing

hye readers.
so mcm dah lama tak lepak sini an
biasala keje 12 jam straight
balik je on9 then trus tdo
that's my routine for this 2months
takde apa nak cerita sangat
just during school holiday in May
ayah bawa kami 1 family jalan-jalan pergi melaka
oh melaka
there're a lot of memories bila pergi dengan kawan-kawan kat segamat dulu
oh.i miss them right now.
so there were some pictures in melaka with my incredible awesome family

placing kejap dekat piano
even there was no one tahu main piano

view swimming pool in Holidays Inn Hotel, Melaka

view from the room

 tunggu ayah check out


menara taming sari

my other half

with ibu in the museum

so next stop could be BALI??

life getting better
with lovely family at home

Sony Alpha & Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the house
thanks ayah
till then
take care people!

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