Monday, October 18, 2010

.it's monday again.

hye there.morning everyone.ok.i'm home alone right now.ibu dah g sekolah [my ibu is a teacher] then she needs to send my sister to larkin bcoz that girl will go back to her maktab at 8am.and i'll go back to segamat at 2.30pm.after sweet conversation with pija last nyte.i've decided to back today.huh.i wants more holidays....pleasee..ok.stop being annoyed exam just come around the top of the sem 3's mountain.wah..ayat..hahaha..ok.paper BEL which is english for academic purpose will start on 27 October wednesday preparation at all.good la.i've made some early discussion with MISS ZU through the class before study week.I have 5 papers for my final exam and really hope that i can make it.OMG.takot seketika bila berkata tentang exam.xpe2.u can make it fara!study hard.i wants flying result lagi for this sem.InsyaAllah.Aminn..psss:doakan saya ok!that's all for today.mood:nak balik segamat.-.-'
kawan-kawan kesayangan,,jumpa di sana ye.
before terlupa,,best of luck untuk pelajar-pelajar UITM .do the best for your final examination.:)

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