Sunday, January 10, 2010

it's not easier as 1.2.3..

penulisan blog masih diteruskan
semester 2 baru bermula
dan alhamdulilah
semua berjalan lancar
tetapi ada sedikit kecelaruan pemahaman berlaku
biasalah manusia kn
tak lari dari masalah
dan membuat anggapan yang salah
lets talk about class
semua lecturer dh pun mendftr kan diri di kelas Isd2e6
and semua nyer best
bel,ctu,and all imd subjects
alhamdulilah setakat ini
this sem i got two project works without final papers
thanks God
as i said for this post's tittle
it is not easy as 123
tough final projects
and i hope everything will going smoothly
one day in imd 151 class
my lecturer asked us to speak in front of the class
just for a few minutes
and everyone kelam kabut
discuss about what they going to talk about
and i choose to talk about my memories during secondary school
and suddenly the lecturer
Farah Izyan
that was my name beb
and everything being cold
and i just shared the story
and everything was just fine
that was a memory for my opening semester
what will going on in future?
i'll share with you
i already got my homework
and now try to finished it
and will write in this special spaces in other time..

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