Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i still remember
25 november 2009
when i opened my yahoo
then i saw a new email
and it was from you
tittle 'fara..'
then i try to open it
i can't open it because
that thing
i need to download it first
i just leave behind
then one day
u asked me
about the thing that u sent
through the email
i said i haven't see it
then u asked me to see it
ok dear
then i opened it
what a surprise
u make a slideshow
full of my pics inside
and it's all about us
so sweet of u dear
thanks so much
i never expect u'll do it for me
thanks dear
then i decided to make one from me
after a few days
sitting in front my syg [laptop]
complete the slideshow
i was very excited to show u
last night i sent u that thing
sory if that thing is not perfect my dear
u said
i looked it already
and it nice
and your sweet words
'syg kamu'
syg kamu too
and then
smiles until i fall asleep
thanks dear!

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