Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surprise bUfday party~

fiRst oF aLl..
thAnks tO aLl cLassMates faRa yG brSusah pyah pLan fOr thE bUfdaY pArty..tHanks A loTz gUys..

EmpaT bElas oGos 2009 merupakan saTu haRi Yang taK mungKin dApat faRa luPekan..
dI paGi haRi perGi menGhadirI keLAs BEL sePerti Biasa deNgan SenanG haTi..
Miss SYazwa swEet berBAju kurung stArted hEr lecTurer...
After a Few minuTes..She give us soMe works in the TextbOOk...I try to Finished iT wIth mY own Mood..
whIle the Others busy doing thIer oWn workS..pIja n I'in and almost a few peoPle of the clAss went to the toIlet..liTtle weird riTe??
i sTill cOntinued uSaha i siApkan kErja yg Miss sYazwa bErY..
n miss Syazwa kelUar darI kelAs seBentar seBAb nak jumPa her frIends kt tingKAt bawah..
a fEw miNutes lAter..she comes back to Class but the people who weNt to The toilEt are still nOt aroUnd..
wHy la tHey aLl lame Sgt g toiLet tu..??
suDdenLy..lampU keLas terTutup..
i'in n piJa enTer the Class with the Big cake....wauuuu.....
kaT belaKang aDe aSy,din and yaNg laIn2...
wut a Big surprise..
dowaNg nyanyi laGu bufday n Din play the guitAr..
aCt..celebrate bufday cLAss raP we All gak..,faRouk wHo turNs 20...wau..
words kat atas cake tu.."happy bufday to our farah & farouk,wE love You"..
weee~..rAsa mAcam nk nANgis pun Ada..
tHen we All turuN and Celebrate kat baWah..
with the snacks and carbonaTed drinks..

with full of Love in my heart..i want to tell "thanks a Lots my dearest classmaTes..

[pija]-teme kasih bnyk2 for the party..thanks for the memorable keychain..
[i'in]-thanks gak for the party..n the dolls..:i tidur dgn die ary2..:)
[asy]-thanks sbb plan party ni...n the teddy bear was so cute..:))
[zura n pyka]-thanks for the red really nice..
[amierul]-thanks for the purple stich..i like it's big ear..
[fidzy]-thanks for the i'm not sure it monkey o others cute beb..
[syamil]-thanks for the mr.bean's doll..(mmg tgu owg bagi pun)..haha..n u're the one..
[farouk]-thanks for the mashimaro pillow..huhu..cute pink dude..
[din]-thanks for the cute album n playing the guitar...

n of course to all my classmates...
next sem kiter 1 kelas laGi k..

me with farouk n Miss sYazwa..:)

reaLly2 sWeet mOmeNts..:)

luvly classmates...<3


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